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Increase your revenue

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  • 100% Guaranteed traffic/impressions
  • Country, Regional and City targeting
  • Category, Keyword and URL targeting
  • Realtime reporting and statistics
  • “The quality of the traffic that is being driven to our site has been outstanding and the support team offers flexibility and a level of care that has proven to be the best that we have worked with.”

    - E-Marketing Manager, American Airlines

    Our features

    Target by countries and region

    We are able to succinctly determine each user's location through the use of IP Location databases. Our platform then sets up a campaign that is specifically targeted for that user location.

    Target by categories

    Channel targeting uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence. Through the use of this technology, content-rich websites are defined and understood so that we can match them with targeted channels. Through this targeting method, also called "Content Match" and "In-Context" technology, we are able to offer a much more customized campaign to our clients.

    Realtime statistics

    With our newest online interface, you are able to follow your stats in very near real time. For some campaigns, you can also modify, optimize and even pause your campaigns in real time